i find the whole franky fandom war depressing and absolutely fucking hilarious at the same time.

let me just put this out there, i don’t like franky. she’s annoying and i mean she isn’t my least favourite character or anything but all the things people are saying as to why she’s this majestic being are just bs and grasping at ridiculous delusional straws. i’m not going to start using this blog again because i have another one which is about 10x more fulfilling than this fandom shit.

for all the nice people, and you do exist, thanks so much for following me for as long as you did and i’m sorry you still have to put up with all the shit flying in from all directions in the fandom.

best skins blog = lily-love-less

if you aren’t following her already please go do it :) i’m not going to delete this blog but i might delete all my posts, i still use it to message people.



sharethevowsatthewake replied to your post: one of my favourite skins bloggers unfollowed me…

wait, people don’t think effy is a good character? um. people are dumb. no way around that.

there’s like two sides to the skins fandom

people who like effy and people who hate effy and love to make fun of people who like effy. 

see also: 

obnoxious minky shippers, people who think they are noamily, and also people who think generation three is the best one.